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Service & Brotherhood in Pasadena Since 1961

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Revered Founders

January 5, 1911

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How, what, when & why we haven’t looked back since

Chartered March 17, 1961
Pasadena (CA) Alumni Chapter had its chartering Ceremony and banquet at the Marino House, San Marino California. The Western Province Polemarch, Brother Charles J. Sudduth, of Berkeley, California, acted as the Grand Chapter Representative and issued the Charter on its behalf.  The Vice Grand Polemarch, Brother Thomas Bradley, Esq.,

installed the newly elected officers.

Brother Judge Bernard Jefferson of Los Angeles was the speaker for the evening.   The theme of his speech was “Individual and Chapter Achievement” with a major focus on chapter participation in community improvement programs. “The idea of an Alumni Chapter in Pasadena has been talked about by Kappa’s in the Pasadena area for more than many years. This is a great achievement with this year being the Golden Anniversary of

Kappa Alpha Psi.”

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Welcome to RoseCityNupes1961
"The diamond in the Crown City"

Kappa Alpha Psi recognizes our leaders (chapters, provinces & IHQ) as Polemarch. Essentially the Polemarch is the President.  
polemarch (/ˈpɔːləˌmɑːrk/, from Ancient’s Greek: πολέμαρχος, polemarch) was a senior military title in various ancient Greek city-states (poleis). The title is derived from the words polemos (war) and archon (ruler, leader) and translates as "war leader" or "warlord".
Welcome to another great year at RoseCityKAPsi. We’re getting ready for a busy schedule of social activities, volunteering opportunities and philanthropy. Our focus is always giving back to the community, and we’re constantly looking for new and meaningful ways to do so. Take a moment to explore our website to learn more about us.

As a sign of deference and brotherhood both Brother Nolan Polemarch & Past chapter Polemarch, President of Tournament of Roses and 2023 Metro Keynote speaker Gerald Freeny brings greetings to all.

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2023 LA Metro Founders Day G. Freeny Keynote 

Back to our roots of fraternity, brotherhood, love & achievement…One Keppa

Gerald Freeny used his vast experience as president of the Tournament of Roses combined with his deep love for Kappa and a life of altruism to deliver a Keynote message that was well received and appreciated by brothers all neophytes to 72 years plus the Bond.

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Kappa In The Community

The Soul of the San Gabriel Valley

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Did you know?

Moments from our past that have set the foundation as Kappa (Passadena Alumni & our brothers) builds towards the future. "Cornerstones of achievment build monumentes of greatness."- J. Johnson

PAC Neophyte is making his way in the bright lights of Hollywood- " ...and action!" Brother Rodney Collins is all smiles as he landed a co-star role on an upcoming production on The CW’s All American. Check out Brother Collins full bio:

Rodney Damon Collins Bio

An Award-Winning American Actor, Author, Producer, Speaker, and Humanitarian. A native of Toledo, OH. Born December 25, 1971. He has appeared on Netflix’s Family Reunion and recently, Thee CW’s All American as Tyson Pierce. He recently won Best Male Actor in a Feature Film for his role of Bishop Buckz in the "Central Authority." He rose to notoriety in 2018 with becoming a series regular on Amazon Prime's Chosen Kin Origins as Dr. Watson. He garnered wider notice in the award-winning film "The Carting Call." He has recently won an award for Best Cast from the Alternative Film Festival for his role as Bishop Buckz in the Award-Winning Film "The Central Authority." He has been named as a lead for an upcoming film by Christina Cooper Productions "Shots."

Early Life Collins was born in Toledo, OH. He's the middle child of his family with an older brother in law enforcement and a younger brother as a firefighter. He graduated from Toledo Central Catholic High School. He attended college at Bowling Green State University where he studied Political Science and film. He was the first ever 1994 Black Male Image Award Winner at Bowling Green State University. After graduating from college, he moved to Cleveland, Oh and began working in Corporate America while also building his acting resume. During this time, he traveled to Monrovia, Liberia and assisted in school building projects. He is also an ordained minister.

Personal Life He is married and has two adult children. He was recently named the Global Ambassador for the Victory Sports Academy (Monrovia, Liberia). He authored his first book "Shattered A Journey through the Pieces" which addresses mental illness, and he continues to champion those who struggle through his platform.

Rodney is a member of the "Debonair and Oh So Smooth" brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi! Yo!

2022 Black Infant Health Drive Throughg & Drop Off reaches higher

HA huge Kappa, thank you to all who supported our efforts.

2023 Black History Parade maintains the Dr. Bolton tradition of leading the chapter.

John Lewis (D9-Sigma) dedicated his life to paving the way so you and I can have ease of access to vote, civil rights and basic fundamental rights as promised in the constitution. He gave all so we can have some.

Diamond ♦️ Life

The 76th WPC was a place to receive the fruits of our conjoined labor as the "Rose City Nupes" won both for best scrapbook and community service. Bravo to the brothers.

Helpful tips in troubling times

Who cares for the ones who provide and care for other? Often Black & Brown men get overlooked when it comes to self care. Here are some simple tips to keep your diamond bright and tight.

Dave & Busters Arcadia on Jan 2 Rose Bowl watch party in the VIP

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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News & Information

The place to get updates and details for Kappa in Pasadena

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Oxy Nupes 

Hidden in the North West area of Los Angeles, close to Pasadena is a Liberal Arts College with a very rich history. Chartered in the early 80’s, the Kappa Alpha Psi chapter on campus proudly wear the letter ΛΡ. Lambda Rho (if you didn’t know…now you know!)


Diamond Spotlight

Pasadena Alumni Chapter has members who have achieved in every field of human endeavor. The Diamond Spotlight is the place that the chapter can acknowledge its member's achievements. To read about our Diamond Spotlight simply the bottom of this site.


Kappa League News & Information

Current Pasadena Alumni Kappa League members are encouraged to follow Kappa League (KL) TV on YouTube and check here for updates and events as we navigate through Covid19 rules and safety. It's been tough. Thank you KL young men (Families too) for your patience, resilence and understanding.

Those interested in Kappa League, you are also welcome to subscribe to KLTV.

Kappa League TV - YouTube


Back with a bang! Our first charter day post pandemic and our keynote speaker knocked it out the park.


Papa Leo’s pride…

Some pictures don’t need words. When Brother Leonardo Cablayan and his grandson attended the Dave & Busters fund raiser dressed in matching jacket vests it was a wrap for best picture of the day Leo & Parker made a statement.. “Yo Baby Yo” to Leo and to Parker…”you look marvellous”


Tampa Bay becomes Kappa Bay in July

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Living the dream...

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Words from a Founder

highlights & spot lights

Founder Edward Giles Irvin shares his account of our grand fraternity from our infancy, growth and expansion.

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"The Diamond in the Crown City" beyond Pasadena, we support our brothers in the Wild Wild West…Western Province

Pasadena represented strong at the Upsilon Centennial Gala held at The Luskin Hotel Ballroom on the campus of UCLA.

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