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Service & Brotherhood in Pasadena Since 1961

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Kappa Alpha Psi

Rose City Nupes

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Revered Founders

January 5, 1911

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Who, what, when, why? We haven’t looked back since

Chartered March 17, 1961
Pasadena (CA) Alumni Chapter had its chartering Ceremony and banquet at the Marino House, San Marino California. The Western Province Polemarch, Brother Charles J. Sudduth, of Berkeley, California, acted as the Grand Chapter Representative and issued the Charter on its behalf.  The Vice Grand Polemarch, Brother Thomas Bradley, Esq.,

installed the newly elected officers.

Brother Judge Bernard Jefferson of Los Angeles was the speaker for the evening.   The theme of his speech was “Individual and Chapter Achievement” with a major focus on chapter participation in community improvement programs. “The idea of an Alumni Chapter in Pasadena has been talked about by Kappa’s in the Pasadena area for more than many years. This is a great achievement with this year being the Golden Anniversary of

Kappa Alpha Psi.”

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Senior Kappas- The shoulders we stand on. Legends of the Diamond. Charter Brother Andy Pollard, Dr. James Bolton, Dr. Robert Lee & Brother Andrew Oliver

We appreciate you, we celebrate you & we honor you.

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Welcome to RoseCityNupes1961
"The diamond in the Crown City"


Kappa Alpha Psi recognizes our leaders (chapters, provinces, IHQ) as Polemarch. Essentially, the Polemarch is the President.  
Polemarch (/ˈpɔːləˌmɑːrk/, from Ancient Greek: πολέμαρχος, Polemarch) was a senior military title in various ancient Greek city-states (poleis). The title is derived from the words polemos (war) and archon (ruler, leader) and translates as "war leader" or "warlord."
Welcome to another great year at RoseCityKAPsi. We’re getting ready for a busy schedule of social activities, volunteering opportunities, and philanthropy. Our focus is always on giving back to the community, and we’re constantly looking for new and meaningful ways. Please take a moment to explore our website to learn more about us.

Welcome to Pasadena’s Place! Our website is perfect for learning about our history, achievements, plans, and upcoming events. We encourage you to explore our site and share your thoughts with us. Ifyou have any questions, please don't hesitate toreach out. We believe that balance is crucial for a healthy life, and we hope to inspire you to find that balance through kindness, service, and community engagement. Thanks for stopping in, and welcome to our village.

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2024 J5 w RoseCityNupes1961

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Kappa In The Community

The Soul of the San Gabriel Valley

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 Continuing with BIH mission #goodhealthwins in the Black History Parade in partnership with National Council Negro Womw numbers on why Pasadena Alumni has embraced Black Infant Health as a regular partner in our community


What say yo? Ritual vs Tradition vs Trend

BIH thank you AKA, DST & Zetas

J5 is coming...Metro Founders Day

The White Party...White Hot

Diamond ♦️ Life Faith / Fellowship / Fraternity

Faith / Family / Fraternity

Helpful tips in troubling times

Donation for 25 turkeys for Shephards Door

Dave & Busters Arcadia on Jan 2 Rose Bowl watch party in the VIP

KL learn life lessons

Living the dream...

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"The Diamond in the Crown City" beyond Pasadena, we support our brothers in the Wild Wild West…Western Province

Pasadena represented strong at the Upsilon Centennial Gala held at The Luskin Hotel Ballroom on the campus of UCLA.

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Founders Day Fellowship or simply J5

Pasadena, CA 91103

(333) Phi-NuPi

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Chapter Officers

The many hands that work to ensure the legacy of Kappa in Pasadena

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Jayson A. Johnson

Brother Jayson A. Johnson is an Upsilon initiated brother in the Spring of 1984. Jayson has served in a number of positions, offices and when asked where he feels he has made the gratest impact, Jayson simply said..."as a member". A recent retiree from the Los Angeles Fire Department, Jayson has made good on his promise to step up in Kappa when he stepped down from LAFD. Jayson continued by saying "I enjoy the fellowship and brotherhood. Pasadena is where I was born, grew up and its in my soul." We look forward to seeing Jayson put his style and touch on the chapter." When asked about his vision, the newly installed Polemarch said "I see Pasadena continuing the pace set by great men who came before me, we live at the intersection of tradition & innovation."


Diamond Spotlight  Brother

Brother Lew Underwood...."Coach"

Every year, we carefully pick new members for our pledge class - smart, caring, energetic individuals who will represent our Business Fraternity with pride and exemplary character traits. We are excited to welcome each and every member, and are happy to provide endless opportunities for friendship, leadership and scholarship.

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Coach Lewis Underwood
Pasadena Alumni Initiate 1990

Classic Lew...Behind the wheel of his classic Vet sporting the  Nupe plate. A tradition in the Black History parade.

Of all of the places and on all of the fields, few have the cache of “The Grand Daddy of them all” The Rose Bowl. Not Chicago Soldier Stadium, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, even Super Bowl can’t hold up the legendary Rose Bowl. If you are from Pasadena and attended either Pasadena High School or John Muir the two words that can get a family divided …Turkey Tussle No better place to cement your legend, than on the iconic field where legends live. The 1976 Turkey Tussle was the culmination of a decade of frustrations, but let me take you back and fill in the gaps so you can fully appreciate another Pasadena Alumni pillar, and this quarters DSB (Diamond Spotlight Brother)


Learns from Coach Eddie Robinson

Coach & Educator

Lew grew up in Pasadena as an only child. Not having brothers or sisters made the camaraderie of team sports more appealing. A John Muir class of 1953 graduate and having a strategic mind made football a perfect fit for and by playing for another gridiron legend the Great Coach Eddie Robinson at Grambling University seemed to blaze the trail for Lou. Coach Underwood graduated from Grambling in 1960. Knowing that coaching wasn’t enough to build a career, Lou continued his education and received his master’s in Education from BYU Brigham Young University in Utah.


Professional Achievements

"Walk with kings and not lose the common touch"

The branches of the teaching tree reached many schools and on each campus Lew Underwood Coached, taught, counseled, mentored, and guided countless young people, specifically young men who may have not had a father figure or positive male around…they found such an image in Lew. Passing leagues and Watts Summer games would learn of what appeared to be a bottomless pit of talent coming from the San Gabriel Valley/ Pasadena area. Lew taught and coached at PHS, Monrovia HS, Marshal HS, but the crown jewel of his impressive resume is the 1976 John Muir victory returning the bell back to 1905 Lincoln Ave…JMHS. It had been 10 years…a decade and the class of 1977; s homecoming victory ranks just below the achievements of another Muir alum…. Jackie Robinson (or so it felt at the time). To this day some forty-four years removed, there are some who refer to that victory and that win as “that team”.


Coach, Brother, Father, Husband, Nupe

Special Bonds

As rich as the traditions on New Years Day, Lew Underwood has his personal touch throughout the Pasadena Alumni DNA. It is with great pleasure that we honor and spotlight this bright diamond brother. Here's to who?... Here's to Lew.


Before he was coach…

Tote the rock Cat!

Before Lew was Coach of the Mustangs, he was a Mustang playing baseball and football. By looks of these pictures...Lew was a beast! After his Mustang years Lew took his talent and skills to Grambling where he learned from the great Coach Eddie Robinson “Coach Rob” was a  mentor to Coach Underwood.


If you’d like to learn more about our members, simply get in touch.


Welcome, we’ve been expecting you.

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Upcoming Events

  • Chapter Meeting-Officer Instalation-Charter Brother Pollard
    Chapter Meeting-Officer Instalation-Charter Brother Pollard
    Pasadena Shopping Center 2nd Fl Com Room
    Pasadena Shopping Center 2nd Fl Com Room, 615 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103, USA
    Pasadena Shopping Center 2nd Fl Com Room, 615 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103, USA
    Brother Anderson Pollard was initiated into Kappa December 10, 1947 out of the famed Epsilon Chapter and is one of the twenty charter members of the Pasadena Alumni Chapter. Brother Pollard will be lifted and acknowledged for his many contributions in life, professional, fraternal and community.
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